The Bro Goz Ma Zadou

The National Breton Anthem

Composed in 1897, and inspired from the national Welsch anthem, the HEN WLAD FY NADAU (The Land of my Fathers), which was written by a Welsh bard James James, the Bro Goz Ma Zadou is the work of the Breton bard Taldir Jaffrenou. Nowadays the Bro Goz is considered as the National Breton Anthem.



Ni Breiziz a galon karomp hon gwir Vro !

Brudet eo an Arvor dre ar bed tro dro.

Dispont ‘kreiz ar brezel hon Tadou ken mad

A skuilhas eviti o gwad



O Breiz, ma Bro, me gar ma Bro !

Tra ma vo mor ‘ vel mur ‘h he zro

Ra vezo digabestr ma Bro !


Breiz, douar ar Sent koz, douar ar Varzed,

N'eus bro all a garan kement ‘barz ar bed.

Peb menez, peb traonienn d'am c'halon zo ker ;

Enno kousk meur a Vreizad ter !

Taldir Jaffrenou was born in 1879 at Carnoët. He was the son of a lawyer, and he will become a bachelor, then a Doctor Litt. He composed the Bro Goz when 18 years old. In 1904 he creates the magazine Ar Vro which last till 1914. He publishes many articles, blays and various productions. Buhez Sant Erwan, An Hirvoudou (1899), An Delen Dir (1900), Breiziz (1911).