Brittany's Flag


MORVAN MARCHAL ( 1900-1963 )


Morvan Marchal was born on the 31st July 3, 1900 in Vitré. In 1918, he created a political party Breiz Atao. He conceived and drew the Gwenn ha Du (Brittany's Flag) in 1923. Little by little he felt himself concerned by druidic studies with Bayer du Kern and Raffig Tullou, he created the issue Nemeton. Morvan Marchal was a rather unstable, he very oftentimes broke with Breiz Atao. This attitude is explained first of all by the constant rivalry betwenn Olier Mordrel and him, because Olier Mordrel disagrees whith trend of mind of the federalist party of Morvan Marchal influenced by the anti-catholicisum of the Left Wing. Blown off by the storm of the Post War period, Morvan Marchal survived as a gasman, in the Parisian Surburbs. He died in August the 13th 1963, in the hospital ward at Lariboisière.